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God Has Been Misrepresented To Us
Over the centuries there have been many misconceptions about God and His true nature. He has been misrepresented to us by legalistic religious leaders and angry earthly fathers who have, by their lifestyles, distorted His true image.

God is Love
The bible says that God is love. Pure love. And He wants to lavish His love on you. He is not looking for more servants to add to His Kingdom but more children to fill His house. He wants to be in relationship with you, not because you deserve it but just because He made you, and is "head over heels" in love with you. It is our hope that after visiting this website, you might have a better understanding of His heart for you.

God's Original Intent
It was God's original plan in the Garden of Eden that Adam and Eve would live all the days of their lives in the presence of a loving Father, and would in turn reflect His love to their children. It was the Father's hope that each generation would grow up in the light of His love never knowing a day of rejection or pain.

Love Cannot Be Forced
However, love is not something that can be forced so God gave Adam and Eve the privilege of a free will. They had the freedom to trust God and stay in the garden or disobey Him and leave. In Genesis we read that the latter happened and as a result of their choice to become independent, they became separated from God.

Broken Relationships
As a result of Adam and Eve's actions, a new deadly disease called 'sin' infected humanity. The world that God originally intended to be perfect and full of love,
was now wrought with pain and suffering because of the consequences of sin. Hurting people tend to hurt others, which is a legacy that has been passed on from generation to generation.
Introducing Your Heavenly Father

God is not distant and angry as many of the renaissance paintings portrayed Him, but is loving, kind and gentle. In fact, He is the nicest person in the universe.
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